Wearable Web Poncho

Need a quick Halloween costume? I did yesterday – and came up with a great poncho! It works up quickly with Aran weight yarn and a 4.5mm hook. Have a go – what seasonal colours can you come up with??

IMG_3588-e1446396218470-1024x1024Here’s the downloadable pdf — Wearable Web Poncho – enjoy!!

Beth x

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Teddy’s Sun Hat

Because Teddies need hats too! 

Notes: This is a combination of a pattern and guidance on how to make your hat, as each teddy is different, and will have different ear positions. I’d rate this pattern as an Intermediate difficulty for this reason.

This pattern uses US crochet terms. It is worked in a spiral, without joining at the end of each round.


  •  Aran or light worsted weight yarn
  • 4.5mm crochet hook
  • 4 removable stitch markers, or scraps of yarn to mark positions

Stitches used:

  • ch             chain
  • sc              single crochet (UK double crochet)
  • scBLO       single crochet Back Loop Only (UK double crochet Back Loop Only)
  • scFLO     single crochet Front Loop Only (UK double crochet Front Loop Only)


Round 1: Work 6sc into a Magic Loop -OR- Ch 2 and work 6sc into the second ch from the hook. (6)

Round 2: 2sc in each sc (12)

Round 3: (sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (18)

Round 4: (2sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (24)

Round 5: (3sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (30)

Round 6: (4sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (36)

Round 7: (5sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (42)

Round 8: (6sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (48)

Round 9: (7sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (54)

Round 10: (8sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (60)

Round 11: (9sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (66)

Round 10: (10sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (72)

At this stage, measure your flat circle against the back of your teddy’s head. If it fits comfortably between your teddy’s ears, you’re there – if not, work more increase rows (or frog a few) to make sure it will fit. We will be fitting the hat for ear holes in a few rounds; here you want it to cover the back of his head up to his ears.


Round 11: scBLO around (72)

Rounds 12-15: sc around (72). If you would like the effect of a hat band, work rows 14 and 15 in a contrasting colour.

Now, you need to work out where your ear holes will be. Place the hat on your teddy’s head, with the end of the round at the centre back and the edge fitted behind the ears. Using your stitch markers, mark the edge of each ear. Between the sets of markers is where your ear holes will be. On my teddy, the markers were 10 stitches apart.

Round 16: With the main colour, scFLO to the first stitch marker. Count the stitches to the next marker, and chain that number of stitches. For example, on my teddy there were 10 stitches between the markers, so I chained 10. Skip the stitches between the markers, and continue to scFLO to the next set of markers. Do the same as for the first set. You can now remove the stitch markers as you have finished with them, and they’re likely to be in your way. Continue to scFLO to the end of the round.

What you’ll have is the beginning of the brim with two holes for ears to for through. Now, you’ll continue increasing to make a flat brim.

Round 17: (11sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (78). When you come to the chains, sc around the chain rather than into it. Remember to sc the same number of stitches as chains, (for example, 10sc in a 10ch space) as well as working any increases may that fall there.

Round 18: (12sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (84)

Round 19: (13sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (90)

Round 20: (14sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (96)

Round 21: (15sc, then 2sc in next stitch) around (102)

Sl st to the next sc, and fasten off. Work in all ends.

You can also customise your hat by adjusting the width of the brim – try a really floppy one for beach side, for example!

Enjoy, and do let me know how you’re getting on! This pattern is also on Ravelry; I’d love to see your project photos!


Beth x

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Frilly Cupcakes

Wow….. It’s been a long time since I posted here. Enjoy the new pattern!!

NOTES: I’ve used UK terms throughout in this pattern. The pattern is worked in a spiral without joining each round. It may be helpful to use a stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round, but I just count obsessively!!


You may want to make a cherry for the top of your cake; otherwise decorate with buttons, beads or even glitter!


• Aran or worsted weight yarn for the cake and red DK weight yarn for the cherry
• 4.5mm crochet hook for cake; 4mm hook for cherry
• tapestry or darning needle
• toy stuffing
• two 4-5cm circles cut from light cardboard, like an old cereal packet. These are optional; they will be used to keep the bottom of the cake flat after stuffing. They should be slightly smaller than the bottom of your cake. I found a tin in the cupboard that was about the right size, and drew around that.

Stitches used:

  • dc: UK double crochet (US single crochet)
  • dc2tog: UK double crochet two together, which decreases (US single crochet two together)
  • sl st: slip stitch


Round 1: With cake colour and your 4.5mm hook, start with 6dc in a Magic Circle OR ch2 and work 6dc in second chain from hook. (6dc)

Round 2: Work 2dc in each dc from previous round. (12dc)

Round 3: Dc in first dc, 2dc in next dc. Repeat around. (18dc)

Round 4: Dc in first 2dc, 2dc in next dc. Repeat around. (24dc)

Round 5: Dc in first 3dc, 2dc in next dc. Repeat around. (30dc)

Note: I used Vanna’s Choice for the cake base, which is fairly heavy. If you use a lighter weight yarn and you think it’s not going to be big enough, simply do another increase round (dc in first 4dc, 2dc in next dc, repeat) to increase the size of the cake. You’ll need another decrease round at the top, but otherwise the instructions should be the same, other than the stitch count on each row.

Round 6: Through the back loops only, work 1dc in each dc. (30dc)

Rounds 7-12: dc around. (30dc)

Change to icing colour in the last stitch of round 12 by pulling up a loop with the cake colour, and pulling through the two loops on your hook with the icing colour. Cut cake colour and work over both ends for 10-15 stitches, or until secure.




Round 13: dc around with icing colour. (30dc)

Round 14: Through the back loops only, work 1dc in each dc. (30dc)

Round 15: dc in each dc around. (30dc)

Round 16: dc in first 3dc, then dc2tog. Repeat around. (24dc)

Round 17: dc around. (24dc)

At this point, put the two cardboard circles in the bottom of your cupcake.


Round 18: dc in first 3dc, then dc2tog. Repeat around. (18 dc)

Round 19: dc in first 2dc, then dc2tog. Repeat around. (12dc)

Stuff cupcake firmly, pulling icing part of fabric into shape of completed cupcake. I stuff mine fairly firmly to make them keep their shape. Note: despite it’s size, this will use a significant amount of stuffing, especially if you’re overstuffing it slightly to help it keep its shape.

Round 20: dc in first dc, then dc2tog. Repeat around. (6dc)

Sl st in next dc and fasten off. Roll it between your hands to check firmness and reshape, adding stuffing if necessary. Use yarn tail to sew opening at top of cake closed.

Frill: holding cupcake so the top of the cake this toward you and your hook is through the stitch top to bottom, attach icing colour through a front loop in the row after joining the second colour. (You left these loops free when you crocheted through the back loops in this round, and they will show up as a line around the bottom of the icing on your cupcake.)


Dc in this stitch. *Dc. Dc in next stitch, and picot – ch3 and sl st in first ch. repeat from * around. Sl st to first dc and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Cherry (optional)

With red yarn and 4mm hook, work 6dc in a Magic Circle OR ch2 and work 6dc in second chain from hook. (6dc)

Round 2: 2dc in each dc. (12dc)

Round 3: dc in each dc. (12dc)

Sl st to next stitch and fasten off. Leave a 20cm tail for sewing the cherry to the cupcake.

Position the cherry on the top of the cupcake, and whip stitch the edges into place. Stuff with a tiny amount of stuffing when you are about three quarters of the way around, and then finish the seam. Sew in ends and reshape if necessary.

And you’re finished!! Mmmmmmm – delicious!! 🙂

Use of pattern: Please feel free to make them for yourself or to sell the finished product, but not the pattern! It’s mine!! 🙂

Please leave a comment – let me know if you’re stuck or have a found any errors, and also how you’ve got on!

Don’t forget you can post on the Facebook page as well!


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Perfectly Petite Pattern Published!!

If you’ve got a door that doesn’t know whether it’s coming or going, then roll up and get yourself the newest DM! pattern!!

The Perfectly Petite Doorstop is designed to keep your door open, but be out of the way when you don’t need it, thanks to the integral handle that allows you to hang it up. (Or, carry it about endlessly if you’re a small child – you may want to consider this….)

But, however and whyever you need to make this pattern it’s now available in my Ravelry shop for $0.99 USD. Please, have a look! 🙂

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New Pattern from DM! And it’s knitted….

In the last year, I’ve started knitting. I swore it wouldn’t happen, I swore crochet was enough for me, but….

I blame it on hats, really. I couldn’t do what I wanted in crochet, so…. But that’s all rather by the by. The other day, I started thinking about my iPad. I mean, I do that a lot, anyway, but this time it was in relation to travelling. For my birthday, I treated myself to a lovely, new, shiny Speck Candyshell iPad case, which I LOVE. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the screen, so in the event I need to carry it in my bag, it might get scratched. And so, with a small mountain of yarn at my disposal, I decided to try and create something to protect it from that eventuality. I came up with the —

Reversed Rib iPad… Cosy? Sock? Turtleneck? Pullover??

Anyhoo, this is what I did. Gauge isn’t important as long as it fits over your iPad when you’re finished. (TIP!! After you’ve knitted about an inch or so, TRY IT ON YOUR iPAD!! Then if it doesn’t fit, you don’t have to rip out the whole thing. Or find a small person to use it as a hat…) And because of that, you can also use any weight of yarn and any needle size to get what you want. Experiment! 🙂 The only thing I will say is that you will need to cast on an even number of stitches, as you’ll be working in 2×2 rib. Also, I used circulars and the Magic Loop method as the circumference is quite small, but use what’s comfortable for you. If you don’t like using circulars for something this small, use DPNS. Or even work it flat and sew it up at the end – I just hate sewing seams…  I used:

  • 2 50g balls of Patons Colourful Twist (Ravelry says it’s Aran/10ply.) (WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’VE NEVER HEARD OF RAVELRY?? Sign up, NOW!)
  • 5mm circular needle
  • if you want, a stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round

Using cable cast-on, I cast on 60 stitches, and joined in the round (being careful, of course, not to twist…) I worked k2p2 rib for 2 inches. In the next round, I reversed the rib. I went from doing k2p2 to doing p2k2. Sounds complicated; it’s really quite easy. What I did was — I purled all the knit stitches and knit all the purl stitches. After this round, I continued in the new rib pattern for about an inch before — wait for it — I did it again!! Yep, exactly the same thing. I reversed the rib back to k2p2 and went on for another inch or so. After that I reversed every inch or so until I had a tube that was about 11 inches/28cm long and 6 inches/15cm wide. (That made about 9 stripes, after the initial 2 inches of ribbing.) I wanted the edge of my iPad to hit the first reversing line, so there would be a bit of turtleneck left over. Like this:

As for finishing, I used the 3-needle Bind Off to close up the end (because, I repeat, I hate sewing seams!!) and then wove in ends. Finis!!

Voila! Try it out – see what you think – and PLEASE let me know if something doesn’t make sense – this pattern has only existed in my head until now, and hasn’t been tested… Thanks, lovelies!! 🙂

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Challenges and new things…

Over the last few years, I’ve found that life has changed a LOT. My children are now 3 and almost 2, and besides the challenges of parenthood, I’ve found that setting myself creative challenges has been very rewarding as well.

The first one was to crochet 10 Shawls in 2010, a challenge found on Ravelry which is still going – this year it’s 12 in 2012. I found that I was able to complete the challenge despite having a baby in June – there was a hiatus in the work, I promise!! 🙂 – but it had some unexpected benefits. Looking at my work in 2009 and again in 2011, my skills were definitely improved over the year, as I worked to make the projects as good as I possible could. I now know a lot more about crochet terminology, more about starting and finishing techniques, and about the importance of blocking. It also increased my confidence, and I began to think that some of my ideas weren’t far-fetched, and that maybe, one day, I would submit some ideas to a magazine for publication.

South Bay Shawlette in Wendy Happy, No 1 in the 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge

In 2011, I was keen again to do a challenge, but despite joining fantasticmio in her 11 Blankets in 2011 challenge, I didn’t complete that one (three finished, three started, one frogged…) – I had forgotten how much willpower I need to finish blankets, and starting a new business took all the extra time and energy that my family didn’t need!

Spiral Hex in Sirdar Bonus DK, No 1 in 11 Blankets Challenge

I was also feeling some creative frustration – some of the things I wanted to do didn’t come out right in crochet, or I thought could be better if they were – shock! horror! – knitted! Coming up to Christmas, I made a concerted effort to learn how to knit, and found it wasn’t as hard as I was thinking – and even managed to make a few knitted gifts!

So, 2012 – what challenge have I set myself this year? As with all new skills I learn, I’m really fired up by knitting at the moment, and with my busy life I decided I needed a challenge that provided some instant (or near-instant, anyway!) gratification. I tried a few hat patterns by Woolly Wormhead, and found I liked both her ideas and her pattern writing style – and the challenge was born. This year I’m going to try to make a multiple of 12 hats by Woolly Wormhead – if I make only 12, that’s OK, but more than that would be good too! So far I’ve finished 5, but I’ve just been distracted by another shawl pattern, and we all know how that goes!!

Pixetta in Sirdar Supersoft Aran, No 1 in 12x Woolly Hats Challenge

I did another good thing in 2011, though – I finally submitted some designs to a magazine! And I’m pleased to say, I’ve had three accepted – one has already been published in Issue 28 of Inside Crochet magazine here in the UK (the Waffle and Berries Cowl!), and two are coming up in future issues. I’m very excited!

So, we’ll see how this year goes – I’m expanding my baby signing business from next term, and life always gets more complicated than I think it will,  but we’ll see what comes from this challenge. I’ll try to keep you updated this time! 🙂

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So, I know I haven’t posted in a VERY long time….

… but I’m still here! And I’m still working on some new things, just a bit more slowly as I’ve started a new venture as well, teaching baby signing! Check out my classes here:


And I’ve also taken the plunge and submitted some designs for publication – which have been accepted!! More on that a bit later. But it’s all very exciting!! :o)

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Mmmmmm, breakfast!

If, like most of the Western world you’re watching your waistline, than maybe this is the sort of breakfast treat for you!

A new pattern from DisplacedMoose! – Six Fat Sausages!

Cleverly done so you can link and unlink your links, the sausages stand up to lots of play – mine are regularly mauled by lots of small children! Of course, making it with buttons is up to you – remember the safety of your little ones first!

So roll up, and get your Six Fat Sausages pattern here!!

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Don’t jump!!!

Especially if you’re this guy!! I’ve been busy with my latest brainwave, and this is the result:

He’s lovely, and at 6 inches tall the perfect size for little arms to cuddle…  If you’d like Humpty’s pattern, let me know and I’ll get it written up!

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Three Currant Buns…

… you know the song! And here’s the perfect accompaniment if you’re watching your waistline…

Yes, it’s a new free pattern from DisplacedMoose!

Download it here: Three Currant Buns

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